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Friday, July 15, 2016

To be read in all congregations on Sunday July 17

To Clergy, Lay Leaders, Congregations and people of The Arctic

First of all I want to tell you that the Anglican Church of Canada has not changed the marriage canon
and are not permitted to do so unless approved at the 2019 General Synod.

Secondly, I want to thank our delegates for their polite, strong and brave stance at General Synod.
In the face of continual pressure to change the marriage Canon, our delegates were not intimidated by those who wanted them to remain silent.
Our delegates asked, “Why after three hundred years of sharing the bible with us, are you wanting us to turn from the bible’s teaching on marriage ?
We will not turn!”

Thirdly, I want to say, we are saddened by the way we were treated with disrespect, but we are not alone.
The 85 million strong Anglican Communion, has said, do not change the Marriage Canon.
All the Primates at their January meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury said, “Do not change the Marriage Canon.

Finally in Canada there are bishops and dioceses who have the same mind of as the Arctic, stood to say no to changing the marriage.

We have signed the following statement attached to this letter.

In Christ’s service,

Rt. Rev. David W Parsons
Bishop of the Arctic         


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Letter from the Bishop
Bishop Parsons has written an Important Letter to all in the Diocese of the Arctic. The Letter is reprinted here in Inuktitut and in English below.
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