All Saints - Arctic Bay, Nunavut

The Anglican Church built a mission at Moffet Inlet, south of Arctic Bay, in 1937. It closed 10 years later, after the accidental shooting and subsequent death of Canon John Turner. A church was built in Arctic Bay in 1965 prior to the establishment of a mission station. The mission house was built in 1978.

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The Deacon Leah Qaqqasiq May is currently leading this congregation.

Arctic Bay is called "Ikpiarjuk" (the pocket) because of the high hills that surround the almost landlocked bay from which the community gets its name. As with most other Baffin Island communities, the present town developed as a result of government housing initiatives in the 1960s. Arctic Bay is connected by a 21-kilometer road to Nanisivik, a mining town developed in the mid-1970s.