St. Mark's - Coral Harbour, Nunavut

In Inuktitut, Coral Harbour is called Salliq, meaning a large, flat island in front of the mainland. Coral Harbour is a thriving community, where its largely young population blends the traditional with the modern. While walrus meat sits on the dock for everyone to share, for example, a front-end loader prepares a lot for construction nearby. People carve soapstone, ivory, whalebone or limestone.

In the 1950s and 60s, federal government presence in the region increased with the building of a school in 1950, a nursing station in 1963, and public housing. The government encouraged Inuit to move from their camps to the community to receive health care and social services. Luke Kidlapik, an Inuit Catechist trained at Blacklead Island in Cumberland Sound, started an Anglican mission in Coral Harbour.

The last incumbent was Rev. Lucy Netser. Lucy attended ATTS in Pangnirtung and was ordained to the deaconate in 2000 along with classmates Jeanny Natanine (now assistant in Pangnirtung) and Bobby Patsauq (on leave). This parish is currently vacant.

St. Stephen's Church - Repulse Bay (outstation)

Repulse Bay (Naujaat to the Inuit) thrives on hunting, fishing and trapping. Residents are proud of their community and the beautiful surrounding landscape.
Missionaries came to this area in the 1930s. An Anglican Church was built in 1966 - 68.