St. Stephen's - Kuujjuaq, Nunavik

The northern Inuit village of Kuujjuaq is located 48 kilometers south of Ungava Bay, along the west bank of the Koksoak River. Principle access to Kuujjuaq is by air. There are about 1,470 people in the community. It is the administrative centre of Nunavik. The name "Kuujjuaq" is the updated spelling of the word "Koksoak" and means, in Inuktitut, "the large river", a reference to the Koksoak River as it runs into Ungava Bay. The principal languages spoken in the community are Inuktitut and English.
The Anglican Church has operated a mission in the area since 1899. In 1884 Rev. E.J. Peck crossed from Hudson Bay to Kuujjuaq (Fort Chimo). It was only early in the 20th century that Kuujjuaq received its first missionary, S.M. Stewart, who remained until his retirement in 1930. Through many hardships, he established the mission with the support of the Colonial and Continental Church Society. A church was built in 1957 and a new church was built in 1984. A rectory was built in 1957 and a church hall was built in 1973.
Iola Metuq.jpg
Rev. Iola Metuq is rector of the parish and Regional Dean for the whole of Nunavik.

The Rectors of Kuujjuaq (list of priests who have served the parish)

Rev. George Gillespie 1934-1938
Rev. Ronald Walter Wenham 1936-1947
Rev. Fred George Burningham 1963-1974
Rev. James Charles MacLeod Clarke 1951-1972
Terry Moore 1967-1970
Rev. Simon Stephens 1974-1975
Rev. David Weaver 1976 - 1979
Rev. Abelie Napartuk 1980 - 1991
Rev. James Nashak 1991 - 1995
Rt. Rev. Ben Arreak 1996 – 2006 (Elected Regional Bishop for Nunavik in 2002)
Rev. Abraham Tigullaraq – 2006 - 2009
Rev. Abelie Napartuk (retired) interim
Rev. Iola Metuq - 2011 -

Sunday - 9:30am English service
             11:00 am Inuktitut Holy Communion service (1st Sunday is morning prayer)
              2:00pm hospital visiting
              3:00pm confirmation classes
              4:00pm baptism preparation
              7:00pm Evensong or Prayer & Praise
Monday - 7:00pm Women's Helpers (ACW) meeting
Tuesday - 7:30pm Bible study
Wednesday - 7:00pm Prayer & Praise
Thursday - vestry meeting or home Bible study

Some area photos

Kangiqsualujjuaq - St. Andrew's Church

The northern Inuit village of Kangiqsualujjuaq is located on the east coast of Ungava Bay, at the mouth of the George River, 160 kilometers northeast of Kuujjuaq. Principle access to the community is by air. There are about 620 people living in the village and the languages spoken are Inuktitut and English. The name "Kangiqsualujjuaq" means "the very large bay". Hunting caribou, seal and beluga whale, as well as fishing arctic char and salmon, are the principle economic activities in the community.

The first Anglican church was built in 1965 before a mission station was established. A new church was built in the village in 1995.

Tasiujaq (Church of the Transfiguration)

Tasiujaq is about 110 kilometers north of Kuujjuaq and 80 kilometers south of Aupaluk. Principle access to the village is by air. There is a population of about 200 and the languages spoken in the community are Inuktitut and English. The community was incorporated in 1980. "Tasiujaq" means "that which resembles a lake". The site of the village was chosen for its fish and game resources.

Tommy & Ben 2.jpg
Bishop Ben has named Tommy Cain jr. as layleader in charge of this church.