St. Matthew's - Puvirnituq, Nunavik

The northern Inuit village of Puvirnituq, also known by the name Povungnituk, is located on the northern coast of Povungnituk Bay, where it meets the river of the same name, east of Hudson Bay, 540 kilometers north of Kuujjuarapik. The village was incorporated in 1989. Principle access to Puvirnituq is by air. The community has a population of approximately 1,200 and the principle languages spoken are Inuktitut and English. Seal hunting, fishing and the seasonal hunting of migratory birds are traditional activities. The name "Puvirnituq" can be translated as "smells like rotten meat".

The Anglican Mission was permanently established in 1958. A rectory was built in 1962 and a new one was built in 2001. A parish hall was established in 1964 and a new church was built in 1978.

Rev. Daniel Aupalu is interim incumbent.
 Akulivik St. Titus Church

The Hudson's Bay Company had a fur trading post in Akulivik from 1924 to 1951. The site was abandoned in 1955 when a series of illnesses nearly wiped out the people who were living there. The survivors moved to Puvirnituq for almost 20 years. The community was founded in 1976 and incorporated in 1979. There are now about 500 people living in the community. The name "Akulivik" can be translated as the "central point of a trident" referring to a three-pronged fishing harpoon, or, as the "point of land between two bays". The principle languages spoken in the community are Inuktitut and English.

A new church has recently been built in the village.