Church of the Ascension
Anglican Diocese of the Arctic
194 Mackenzie Rd. PO Box 1040, Inuvik, NT, X0E 0T0, Canada
Today is: Monday,19 February,2018 08:49:37 AM

Preparation for the Sacraments at Church of the Ascension:
Read the Small Print

 Deu 6:4-9  
Israel, listen to me. The LORD is our God. The LORD is the one and only God.
Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your strength.
The commandments I give you today must be in your hearts.
Make sure your children learn them.
Talk about them when you are at home. Talk about them when you walk along the road.
Speak about them when you go to bed. And speak about them when you get up.
Write them down and tie them on your hands as a reminder. Also tie them on your foreheads.
Write them on the doorframes of your houses. Also write them on your gates.

We expect
Those who seek  baptism to attend weekly church services
We have a Christian Ed program to explore:
  • The Bible's old and new covenant
  • What Christianity Is All About
  • Video on Anglican Baptism
  • The Baptism Service
  • How to grow in faith

To be confirmed candidates:-
  • Must be at least sixteen years of age
  • Active participant in our faith community


We use the Alpha Marriage Preparation Program
Over five evenings spent together you will learn important tools that will enable you to make your marriage work.

You will look at

the importance of commitment
how to recognise and appreciate your differences
the art of communication
resolving conflict
spending time together
nurturing your friendship
making each other feel loved
developing a good sexual relationship
the importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams
Talk and discussion - each evening a talk is given via video of.
The talk is broken up with opportunities for you and your fiancé(e) to talk through the issues raised as a couple.

Homework - at the end of each session you are given some homework to do together.
This will help you to build on what you have learnt and give you the opportunity to apply it to your relationship.
Don't worry - it won't be marked! It isn't looked at by anyone else and is just for your own benefit.

For Information on any of the above please contact the church office 867-777-2979

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