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Please Pray for the SOMA Mission To Sabah Malyasia
David and Rita will accompamy Rt. Rev. Len and June Whitten
To the Diocese of Sabah, Malyasia August 7-24 2009
For Information on the Mission and the Diocese of Sabah
visit  and read the message
By The Right Reverend  Datuk Albert Vun Cheong Fui

Our Parish and Deanery Mission With  Rose And Thorne Ministries
With Rev. Drs. Bob and Mary Smith of St. Stephen. New Brunswick

SNV13288.jpg   SNV13292.jpg SNV13320.jpg Rose & Thorn (12).jpgSNV13497.jpgSNV13307.jpg     SNV13299.jpg  SNV13347.jpg742009_84652_0.jpg  SNV13341.jpgRose & Thorn (4).jpgSNV13447.jpg

Rev. Drs Bob and Mary Smith were well loved and received in our region. The people found the teaching on healing understandable and responded with a desire for the laying on of hands as they were each prayed for. We keep being asked to bring them back into our region for follow up ministry and teaching.

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