St.George's Anglican Church
Cambridge Bay (Ikaluktutiak), NU
Diocese of the Arctic
Parish of Cambridge Bay
Today is: Saturday,21 April,2018 08:48:09 PM

Here's a short History of St.George's Cambridge Bay

In 1927 an anonymous donor from England gave funds for a mission at Cambridge Bay. The anonymous donor paid the entire upkeep until 1943, but from then until 1955, it remained vacant for lack of a missionary.

Cambridge Bay is the regional centre for the Kitikmeot region of Nunavut. It is along the shores of the Queen Maud Gulf on the southeast coast of Victoria Island. The traditional name for Cambridge Bay is "Iqaluktuuttiaq" which means "one with plenty of fish".

The crest of the Diocese of the Arctic is below.  Cambridge Bay (Ikaluktutiak) is at 69 degrees, 06', 59" North latitude, 105 degrees 02' 44" West longitude.